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Gathering [Below The] Surface

Offered through interwoven poetry, prose, and visual images, this response reflects on the experience of Dan Drage’s artist-led walk through his exhibition, Gathering Surface, at the St Andrews Botanic Garden on 7 September 2023. This response documents an embodied, and at times speculative, series of interactions with the various works and questions posed by Drage. As a further entanglement with the multiple components of the exhibition, the following prose is interspersed with found poetry, poems which have surfaced directly from the scripted text of Drage’s artist talk, generously provided as additional textural material for this response.


Katie Hart Potapoff, gathering, graphite on paper, 2023.

On a dry and brilliantly sunny afternoon in September, I entered the St Andrews

Botanic Garden. Although it was my first visit to the lush space, I am assured it will not be my last. I was one of a large group of visitors who joined Dan Drage on his artist walk through the exhibition of his sculptural installations entitled Gathering Surface. Made up of six interventions, or perhaps ‘entanglements’ is a better descriptor, we spent time with each work installed throughout the garden. Together we listened to the contemplations offered by Drage on the language of ‘sacredness’, microscopic distances between elements and questions regarding the nature of dirt.

Read the full article at TRANSPOSITIONS.


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