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Submerge Artist Residency

In June 2022 I was fortunate to be selected as a participating artist and Teaching Assistant on the 2-week Submerge Residency hosted online with Ayatana's Biophilium.


I spent an incredible period of time submerged in fascinating sessions dedicated to everything H2O. With a dedicated crew of twelve equally dedicated artists and writers from around the globe, we spent time deep diving into the sounds of whale sharks, paddling around images of microscopic extremophiles, and sloshing around the abilities of the octopus.

Each day was filled with presentations from different scientists and artists from all over the world whose work is connected to the world of water. Each resident artist/writer shared their work through a series of presentations and daily one-to-one studio talks.

One of my favourite things was sharing different books and names of artists. These were some of my resources shared with the group - the list I have still to read is much longer. One which is forever sat on my nightstand is Barbara Hurd's Walking the Wrack Line - I often submerge myself in her short essays when I need to disappear from the world for a time.

While I was on the residency I continued to develop artwork that connects to the world of water. The most exciting thing to come out of this period of time was the 3D scanning of a whalebone (part of the vertebrae or a 'cookie' as it is colloquially referred to), gifted to me by my uncle and brought with me on my last trip from Canada.

I wanted to scan the whalebone so I could 3D print a version to cast in another material. The last image shows time spent modeling the flat 'cookie' into a vessel form to be printed in the near future.

Even though months have passed the Submerge residency continues to seep into my work. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and recommend the Biophilium programmes to everyone.


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