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asunder, 2022

Initially realised during the 2020 Covid lockdown using air dry clay, this artistic experiment to capture a moment in material was recreated, using a lost wax bronze casting method, for the 27th International Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society Science, Art, Life.

asunder, 2022, bronze casts on birch plywood.

asunder is a meditation on the moment when a singular intention is split in two. Each decision, wish, prayer, question - captured in bronze casts, began in wax, carefully rolled between palms into small balls. As each was grasped between two sets of thumb and forefinger, an intention was brought into focus, and the ball torn asunder. 12 sets were sent into the pour, only 10 emerged - pairings forged anew. This iterative artistic process echoes the act of wrestling with philosophical ideas: to test, weigh, and reconsider.

For more information about the Organismen exhibition click here.


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