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Wee Beasties Series, 2020

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I began learning to needle felt through the creation of these wee beasties. They are born out of the long periods of isolation due to the COVID-19 Lockdown. Each one is a character in their own right, and I am continuing to learn each of their personal histories.

Push-N-Pull vacillates between their feelings quite quickly. Feeling confident and positive one moment, and then unsure and shy the next.

These creatures are perhaps manifestations of inner demons and insecurities. Although they look cute and colourful on the outside, they channel deep emotions on the inside. They are small, easily carried in the pocket, I imagine they act as listeners, keeping an ear out for our thoughts and frustrations. Similar to a charm or talisman, they are like worry dolls, fending off both inner and outer evil.

Taffy is an introvert, preferring the calm of remote natural environments to more urban ones. They are also not a fan of birds, more specifically seagulls and pigeons.  

Rumble always has to be in the middle of everything. Also a bit touchy about their small stature, Rumble is the first to jump into a fight, head-butting at will.

Bazooka is insightful and very observant of body language. With so many eyes it is easy to pay attention to all of the small muscle movements when someone is speaking, allowing Bazooka to judge for truthfulness.

Howie is fearful of dying alone; possibly suffering from childhood trauma, this wee one has abandonment issues.

Paulie is a wanderer, seeking adventure in the unknown. Unable to stay in any one place too long, they are always searching for something they don't have.

Rad-ish is one of those awkward beasties, unsure of their place in the world, always seeking validation from external sources. 

Sparky likes to wedge into tight places, it makes them feel safe and secure.

The Grillz Gang; EeBee, Bee Buzz, and Bo

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