• Katie

Function over fashion

I don’t really remember my Baba (grandmother) as one of those regal grandmothers with classic style. She was of an era and a culture that valued function over fashion… every time. That isn’t to say she didn’t have amazing taste, but there isn’t any family jewellery passed down or fancy fashion pieces like hats or gloves. Instead I have a few books in Russian from the 50s, some kerchiefs stored in my trunk, and the most fantastic retro teapot.

I also had her old (and freaking heavy!) Singer sewing machine. When I had to completely unload everything before my move, I salvaged some of the beautiful pieces of stamped metal, like the faceplate, to use in some sort of artwork at a later date. The machine also had the most gorgeous medallion which I immediately saw as a potential piece of statement jewellery. Before I even had time to contemplate the idea, I had removed the medallion, pulled my jewellery pliers out and whipped together a chain, so I could wear it for a day out.

I put together an outfit that gave a nod to the full skirts of the 50s and 60s and rocked the heck out of the medallion. This necklace was a wonderful way to feel close to my Baba and yet represent my own style; a fusion of classic lines, contemporary fabrics, and inimitable accessories.

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