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Double Entendre Series, 2018-2019

This analogue collage series features Simon and Thurman Sewell (better known as the ATL Twins), with their glittering grills and rude gestures, juxtaposed with images of females from vintage magazines.

Wing of the Bird, 2019

My fascination with the urban, gritty, and crass ATL Twins began when I found images of them modeling in an alternative fashion magazine. After quickly collaging through the images in the magazine, I found myself seeking more. I wanted to get to know these enigmatic characters and learn a bit about their story.

Fine Bird, 2018
Afternoon Delight, 2018

I read articles like A Guide to the ATL Twins by Abby Schreiber and The ATL Twins by Danna Hawley, discovering that these brothers are mirror twins who have apparently never spent more than 6 hours apart. They live together, work together, party together, and even view themselves as a singular being split into two bodies.

What's Under the Tartan, 2018

As I began to develop collages, using the ATL Twins as the foundation, it was impossible not to also consider the pop culture connotations behind images of eggplants, slang, and the use of certain colours that found their way onto the paper.

Architectural Hangover, 2018
Tasty Peaches, 2018

After the first wave of Double Entendre collages were completed I began to source candid images of the twins from their Instagram account. Seeking to incorporate more natural images of them featuring their cult-like celebrity.

Lightening Strikes Twice, 2018
Bits and Bites, 2018

As I began delving into the bevy of images online, I also found a few images of the twins in more clean-cut outfits, almost appearing angelic and sweet.

Lady Guadeloupe, 2019

Regardless of how urban, and in some cases cringe-worthy, the images of the twins are, I find myself positioning them with model housewives and young women of the fifties sourced from vintage home magazines.

As this series continues to develop, I am curious to see where these uncanny shape-shifting beings will end up.

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