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Bruce & Janet

I met an amazing gentleman and lady today, Bruce and Janet. They were eating taco salads and I was eating Greek. As we discussed the old days of the local mall and the location of the Apple store, I shared I was moving to Scotland for school.

What followed was a 30 minute conversation about their love of travel (Bruce worked in oil and they had traveled the world: Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, and yes Scotland!). I learned that they had lived in Aberdeen for two years over 15 years ago... Janet shared about volunteering for a women's Scottish golf open, and Bruce regaled me with his explorations of the whisky distilleries. My favorite story was all about their first Robbie Burns day, which involved a lot of haggis and even more whisky!

Did you know there are Whisky & Haggis potato chips...sorry, crisps?! Mackie's of Scotland, here I come!

At the end of our salads, Bruce left me with some parting advice: no matter what country you are in, make sure you learn a bit of the language. Even if its still "English", learn a bit of the unique turns of phrases. Which is how he explained to me the term "bendy-bus"... you know, those big buses that are really two buses with the bendy bit in the middle!

Anyway, with only 16 days left before I leave, I am that much more excited to check out a distillery and ride a bendy-bus... Oh and yes, I have been forewarned about mixing too much haggis and whisky!

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