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Breaking in my Blunnies...

I had been debating buying a pair of Blundstone boots for years. I have been told about their greatness from many people, my parents have each had their respective pairs for 5 years and they are still going strong. I worked at an art college and students and faculty alike seemed to wear them as part of an unofficial uniform. I wanted in, but am prone to daintier footwear. To be honest, if I could just go barefoot I would! I despise socks and prefer to rock a pedicure most of the year (yes I've been living in Canada, but trust me you can get away with ballet flats and flip flops a lot more months than you think!). But I knew with the change in weather that I would be experiencing in Scotland I needed to have options in my shoe selection.

I figured if I was going to be going back to art school myself, for my MFA, than I had better work on my unofficial uniform and start rocking a pair of Blunnies too. The major question I had was... which version? I knew without a doubt that I couldn't do a round toe... but which colour? Classic black? Or the funky elastic one? And then I saw them, Chisel-toe in Pebble Brown.

Chisel-toe and Pebble Brown <3

I fell in love with their picture in the little booklet they give out at the shoe store... I carried that little booklet around for two weeks before I decided to bite the bullet and buy them, only to discover that they would be a special order since they didn't carry that version. Then to my horror I was told that they didn't have any pairs left to order in. Thankfully the Blundstone Canada website has an amazing search tool that can tell you if a store has a particular boot and even what size! I was able to find my boot and went on a very special shopping trip with my Mama Bear the next day.

Now, I knew the boots were going to be snug, especially across the top of my foot where my arch is highest. I had gone over the fitting with the shoe gentleman in detail to ensure I was purchasing the correct size. I had plenty of room in the toe-box...but man was the top of the foot toes were going a bit numb. At first I panicked, had I gone and bought the wrong size? Should I get them stretched? CAN I get them stretched?

At this point I didn't want to wear them out of the house in case I needed to return them. All of my Blundstone Chic dreams were going down the drain. Until my dad calmed me down and said I just needed to really break them in, so we went to the dog park and took Jake (my brother's American Staffy) out for a long hike.

Jake the Staffy, Dad and I on our way back from breaking in my new boots!

Man did we break them in... okay so maybe they broke my feet in, kind of like Birkenstocks do... but in the end, they were not too bad. Then I listened to my mum as she gave me hell for not wearing my new hiking socks in them to help break them in...FYI those Smartwoool socks are AMAZING.

4 days in and they are fast becoming my favourite footwear. I can't imagine not having them, and I am excited to have a comfy and sturdy boot to explore a new country in! Now, to just get them waterproofed before I fly out!

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